Good Business

Good business is a dynamic process. It requires observation and flexibility. It’s why strategy, planning and evaluation are vital. Business continues to evolve. Shifting customer expectations in a globalised and connected world adds layers of complexity to building long term revenue and profits.

Joan MacDougal has traversed the evolution of business across her vast career. Her leadership and management capabilities have allowed Joan to contribute across industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Higher Education, Tourism, Government, Australian Fresh Produce, Manufacturing, Sport, Technology, Start-Ups and more.

Joan has had an enormous impact on membership-driven industries, travel and the tourism sector, and industry support of Small Business.

Joan’s commitment to transparency and communication in management consulting has earned her a reputation as a trusted partner and advisor.

Joan giving presentation

Consulting Services

Joan’s approach to consulting is to tailor her services to meet your specific needs. Joan specialises in the following areas:

Contemporary CX Design and Loyalty Solutions

Market Deregulation / Regulation

Revenue Optimisation

Understanding and leading Digital Marketing Performance for Executives


Joan’s areas of specialisation can be applied across all industries, however, she has had great success across the following industries:

Membership Organisations

Tourism Travel and Hospitality


Small Business Advisory Services and Govt.


Joan prides herself on following sound and industry-accepted methodologies in her service delivery. She is outcomes-focused and understands that she is engaged to provide services that offer an honest, open and thorough assessment of your business and provides critical assessment and constructive recommendations for better business.

The basis of Joan’s methods are:


Testing and Modeling

Strategy Development

Implementation Planning



Just some of the businesses Joan has worked with…